I recently had to replace all of the Polybutylene water pipes that our builder had installed in our home. I read that these pipes were discovered to be defective and had to be brought up to code. This meant sections of drywall throughout the house had to be removed in order to replace these defective pipes. After comparing bids for the job I settled on Tucson Air-condition and Home Maintenance Co. They were recommended by a friend and were the most reasonably priced.

I am very pleased with the quality of work that was done. Great care and thought went Into removing the least amount of dry wall necessary. Zain was professional hard-working and courteous. He was very conscientious about not disrupting our lives. while work was being done. I was impressed by the depth and breath of his home maintenance abilities. I will definitely utilize his services in the future. I highly recommend this company for all your household repairs.



Tucson Air Conditioning not only provided top notch professional service when replacing my heat pump, but they were conscious of the urgency with which my a/c needed replacing in the Tucson summer. All responses to emails were same day, all questions I had were answered with clear explanations and the service was performed even on a Sunday.  I will certainly use Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance for all my future A/C needs and more.



I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Zein when my landlord hired him to do several repairs around my new home. He was very friendly, and did all of the work, and then some, to ensure that I was a very satisfied tenant. He was very thorough with every task he completed. He also, took the time to explain things to me that I wanted to know in order to keep the house in good condition, and in proper working order. I would highly, highly, recommend Mr. Zein to anyone in need of having repairs done to their home. Thank you for doing such an exceptional job.



As a property manager of over 100 units, including business offices, houses and apartments. I needed to find someone who would extremely knowledgeable in HVAC and all maintenance issues from plumbing to electrical. I have found my biggest expense to be HVAC issues. With Zein's expertise the owner of Tucson Air conditioning and home Maintenance, I have been able to reduce my costs immensely and keep all of my tenants happy. I would highly recommend Tucson Air conditioning and home Maintenance, as they are very proficient and reasonably priced for every task.



As a single mother of a young child, I'm always careful about who I let in my home. The technician made me feel comfortable the minute he arrived at my house.

He carefully examined a bathroom outlet that my son had splashed water into, and explained to me that this created a fire hazard in my home. When he opened up the outlet, he showed me how the water had damaged it. He replaced it with a new outlet quickly, and for a very reasonable fee. He even called the next day to make sure the outlet was fine, and to see if I had any questions. Tucson Air conditioning and Home Maintenance provided me with excellent service, I have recommended them to everyone I know.



Zein's work ethic is beyond reproach and he has treated the Garden as if he lived here. He has treated our employees, volunteers, donors, and guest with respect and kindness. His hard work and good humor will be missed by all. We really recommend him for any job in this field.

Michelle Conklin


Staff in Tucson Air condition and home maintenance are very friendly and does a good job. They had our cooler up and running the day they came out to fix it. Our blinds broke and next day we call them up and they were fixed. They gets the job done fast but the quality of his work is strong, they will not leave the job unfinished or not looking up to par. I'd recommended giving them a call if you want the work at your place done fast and right.

Michael, Tucson AZ


Today TACHM (Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance) Technician was here at Winter Haven Apartments, took time from his own busy schedule to come to my apartment and work on the apartment's air conditioner. His work was outstanding and his commitment to his job is just outstanding. Thank you so much for such great work and time you put into your job Mr. Zein.


Miguel Monge

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