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Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance LLC has been providing superior service to customers in the Middle East, and in Europe since 1995. The founder of the company was a contractor for the US Army for two years, before moving to Tucson in 2006, and starting Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance. Tucson Home Maintenance believe that our education and experience and speaks for itself:

  • Owner has a degree in Civil ConstructionEngineering.
  • Licensed in HVAC from the ESCO institute, Type (I) & (II).
  • Licensed in Pool Operation Systems from Pima County Health Department.
  • OSHA certification (30 Horus) from the Construction Industrial Safety Institute.
  • Certification in HVAC from the Wilmar Training Center.
  • Various Certificates from the Home Depot Supply Facility Maintenance Center Including:
    • HVAC
    • Electrical Components
    • Plumbing
    • Kitchen Appliance Repair and Installation
  • Numerous Certifications from Greystar Training Department including:
    • Customer Service
    • Emergency and Incident Reporting
    • Office Standards and Leadership
    • Fair Housing and Diversity
  • Security Clearance from Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Home Maintenance Tucson believes that there is no job too large, or too small. Whether we are providing excellent maintenance service for over 1000 apartment units in Tucson, or replacing a light fixture for one of our loyal customers, Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance will meet all of your service needs, at an affordable cost to you.

In these economic times, people are taking on more do it yourself projects to save money. Home improvement projects can be dangerous if not done correctly. Let Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance take the worry out of home improvement for you. Our competitive rates are some of the lowest in town. While we charge less, we don’t compromise on quality, service, and safety.

At Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance, we understand that we are working in people’s homes, and around their families. All of our technicians have passed criminal background checks. We appreciate our customers, and always provide polite, professional, and friendly service.

Tucson Air Conditioning and Home Maintenance will work closely with you to assess what your service needs are, and to come up with a cost-effective solution. Our motto is “Do it right. Do it once.”  We never recommend that something be replaced, if it can be fixed at a lesser cost. Our goal is to extend the life of what you already own, rather than selling you something new.

Tucson Home Maintenance cares about Tucson, and Southern Arizona. We support local businesses, and volunteer in the community. We stand behind our work, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Please let us use our knowledge and experience to serve you, and provide you with an exceptional maintenance experience.

Please contact us for an estimate at (520) 481-6703. We look forward to meeting you!

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